Do We Choose Whom To Love?

8:26 AM

Do We Choose Whom To Love?
A question that a friend of mine asked me, and I said, “We choose whom we love, because it is you who chose to like or love him/her. Every decision we make each and every day is up to us. We choose what to do and what to feel. Basically, we really do choose whom to love." From that very moment, I had second thoughts if I really answered the question correctly (even though there's no right or wrong answer).

I got home, yet the idea still lingers in my head. I have lots of things running in my mind. I can no longer keep it to myself and so I asked the same question to my sister. I didn't expect that she will take my question seriously and surprisingly, she answered it with full sincerity. “We don’t really choose whom we are going to love because love isn’t a rational thing. Sometimes, we are just surprised how things turn the way we never thought it would be. At times, we liked those who aren't our "ideals" and not in our so-called "hot list". We don’t choose love because one thing I am sure about, love chooses us. A good example is a love between God and us, human beings. It's a wondrous thing how we love God and how God loves us. Indeed, it is love that chose us to love God even though we don't see or talk to him", she answered. Upon hearing her answer, I heard the sincerest words that came from the bottom of her heart. She gave me the answer which I never realized was already the answer.

"Some say we can't choose who we fall in love with; love chooses us. Sometimes people fall for the complete antithesis of everything they believe they're looking for." 
-Alexandra Adornetto

Some people would say Yes or No to this question. Probably, due to an instance that we have created our fictional man. Someone, who is near to perfection and perfectly fits our wants and needs. With that in mind, we continue to find that person OR suddenly feel something for a guy who just passed by or a guy whom you've met in a party.

"Love is a powerful word that comes with a big work."

One thing I have learned by exploring this question. Love is a powerful word that comes with a big work. You will be needing a lot of powers to have the love you have been wanting for a very long time. Nurturing love and reltionship is a big task. I guess, these are the most essential foundations needed for a successful relationship.

Ending this blog post with a quote.

"RIGHT person in a WRONG time ISN'T the RIGHT LOVE, Thus RIGHT person in a RIGHT time IS the RIGHT LOVE"

This blog post is dedicated to my solid friends who helped me to write this.
Jhulianne, Karen, April, Danica and most especially to Vanessa. 

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