Sincerely, Yourself

1:51 AM

While I'm scrolling through my news feed today seeing couples celebrating Valentines together, a group of friends watching "How to be single" or a family having dinner together, whether you are in a relationship, its complicated, or single. This is for you.

We all fall in love with the different meanings and aspects of love which is why we tend to forget that there's something more precious than that, It is to love ourselves.

while I'm scrolling through my facebook news feed I saw this post from Berlin-Artparasites 

and this short video from ETC facebook page

etcfeels: Love, Yourself
On days when you feel like giving up on yourself, or you just need someone - or anyone - to tell you it'll be okay, this one's for you. ❤️Love, Yourself. #etcfeels
Posted by etc on Friday, February 12, 2016

These posts have made my head shatter a thousands of  words and ask "Had I loved myself?", had I loved myself like I have loved my friends, family, neighbors, teachers, classmates, or even my favorite book. Had I made myself loved for once? 

There are so many questions that popped into my mind but all I can say is I'm still in the process of learning to love myself every single day even though its hard to figure out how, but I know someday everything will fall into place.

I know you guys have experienced this too and I know how hard it is but it is the beginning for everything. when you have loved yourself completely, it is when you could love someone else wholeheartedly with no hestitation, someday it will all make sense, in God's time.

Love every piece of you, you are unique, outrageous, amazing and full of love. Do what you love, not they want. Step up in every struggle you face. Be yourself and be happy. Love yourself like there's no tomorrow, love yourself like you love your chocolate cake. It is you who will benefit from that. There's no one who will be there when the world got shitty but yourself.

Look into the mirror, you'll see how messy your hair is, how oily and dry your skin, how you stand, how you talk and how everything is like that and say "I love you" its weird but It will make you smile and laugh at the same time.

Make this day amazing just like you.


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