Antipolo Escapade

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It's almost the end of 2015 and I'd decided to go on a spontaneous trip.
Antipolo wasn't our first option. We suppose to go on a mountain hike at Tanay but I postponed it since I'm not that expert in hiking and Antipolo wasn't that far from Tanay.
I've been to Antipolo several times but I wasn't able to have a tour and see the rural-urban view of this city and whenever I go here, we got a car to ride on but this trip was different. It was my first time to commute and got to enjoy at least 3/4 of our planned destination with a minimal budget of P600.00 per head.

Antipolo is a city in the in the province of Rizal, the Philippines located about 25 kilometers east of Manila. It is the largest city in the CALABARZON region and the seventh most populous city in the country with a population of 677,741 in 2010 (According to Wikipedia)

The high altar, with the image of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, enshrined behind glass.(Wikipedia)
We aren't able to attend a mass at that day because there is a wake. We offered prayers and go to our next stop.
Located at Dela Paz St., Antipolo, Rizal

Second stop: Pinto Art Museum

My friends and I used to look for places that we could visit together, and Pinto Art Museum was one of them and luckily, we were able to go here. (unfortunately weren't complete)

From the church, we ride a tricycle to Pinto Art Museum costs P 60.00. If you're still a student you'll be given a discount for the entrance fee which only costs P 100.00 per head. Once you've got your tickets they will ask you to leave your bags on the bags counter and they give maps too.


The place was rich in arts and craft. My eyes were captivated and sufficed by the hundreds of arts I'm able to see.

I also noticed that it has lots of outdoor bed which I found weird but cool. You'll spot different sizes of beds and you could sit or rest for awhile.

This is a perfect place to do photo shoots for weddings, prenup, debuts and pageants.

Once we are done with the galleries. We decided to leave the place and go to Mom's pot eat-all-you-can but unfortunately, the place was closed. So we ended up at

Third stop: Beeffalo

We ordered their best selling "Breakfast steak" with Cucumber Lemonade (unfortunately I don't have a photo) I can say that they have the best lemonade juice ever and the unlimited drink is worth it.

Beeffalo located at Claveria Plaza Provincial road

After we had our early dinner we decided to go back to the church and find some "pasalubongs". We bought suman, kasoy(cashew nuts), and rice crispies.

The whole trip was exhausting, fun and exciting. We actually planned 4/5 places to visit but we got to Antipolo a bit late so, we only have visited 3/5 places.

I still wanna go back here and find cool places to visit. Pinto Art Museum and cucumber lemonade  are my favorite.

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