AIESEC's Global Youth Summit 2016

6:45 AM

Last February 6, 2016, AIESEC's Global Youth Summit held at SM Moa Arena. The event consists of young delegates across the country & around the world, with its theme "One World". They gather a round of talk from expert speakers, like Joyce Pring, a radio jock & youth influencer, and Bai Sumndad, Founder of Teach &Build Peace Movement.

Speakers aside, It is also a great opportunity for the young delegates to meet young achievers like themselves. AIESECs aims to harness the youth's potential and educating them the current issues that our country and the world is facing.

The event was BIG and premeditated. It was my first time to attend a summit and It was full of fun, inspiring and enlighting day for us young delegates.

There are also bands who played in the event like Lunar lights, The Ransom Collective, Lenses and Up Dharma Down.

These are the people I've met in the event, I thought that I will be alone the whole day but it turned out, I am lucky to have a good company, Thank you guys!!

Congratulations to AIESEC for another success of the Global Youth Summit. I really had fun and learned a lot from the inspiring stories of the speakers. I can't wait for next year.

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