The Sunday Currently Vol. 1

10:48 PM

Lately, I've been hooked to Yaya Dub because of her undeniable charm of doing dubsmash live on a noon time show Eat Bulaga. Well, I could say that I'm now an AlDub fan but more specifically to Yaya Dub which her real name was Maine Mendoza. I've been really intrigued to her and It all started when GMA News website posted some facts about her then I search her twitter account and found out that she also blog and that's the time I've read her The Sunday Currently which she get to siddathornton
So, now I'm joining the bandwagon.  

Thank you to Yaya Dub to inspire me to do this. :-) 
Hope she'll get well soon! :)


Maine and siddathornton's blog and I'm starting to feel like I need to write more and more and more...

My own version of The Sunday Currently and I added the Volume thing so it may sound like a book lol.

Boyce Avenue's acoustic songs

Of how am I going to ease the pain I'm feeling right now in my right eye. I have eye stye :'(

The scent of shampoo left on my hair.

to have a great week ahead. Woaaahhhh!!

My favorite plain maroon shirt and denim shorts. :bd

The comfy feeling of the weather. 

to eat a legit soft cookie plus a cold milk please :'( been craving for this food for almost a month already. :(

more time to myself? I'm now 19 and I want to travel alone for real. :bd

Blessed and Greatful everyday and I want to Thank God for everything! Amen!

Join the Bandwagoon!!

Share yours by commenting below!
Have a blessed and safe sunday!! 

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