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8:28 PM

Kung hei fat choi everyone!!
Hope you all guys are having a great time celebrating the Chinese New Year.

So, for my post today.
I'd love to share my favorite soundtrack for this month of February
since I've been really dragged with Fifty shades of Grey It was not quite possible
that I'll be choosing there official released soundtrack.

Well, not because I'm a fan but this soundtrack says it all.
The music was incredible prepared by the most influential record artist in our generation.
By Beyonce who sang the song at there first released trailer to Ellie who sang a song in one of the scene int the movie. It was all smooth into the ears.
Every melody of each songs really do marks with the character in Fifty Shades of Grey and I was so praised that they have made the soundtrack really amazing.

For those who haven't heard it yet.
Spotify have a soundtrack where you could hear all the beautiful songs.

you can also download it on iTunes.

and soon you can buy it in all leading records bars,


Did you like it? :)
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