7:24 AM

Aloha aloha!!
I apologize for being inactive again. I've been very busy but hell yeah this time I'm going to be an amazing and superb writer (my dream) so before anything else I hope you all notice that I've changed my header and everything in here (in my blooooog) and I'm sooooo happy with it. It's so clean and simple which I'd really wanted.

and I guess (have you notice? I guess a lot uh) 
I'll be really active for this month because there are soooooooo
many gatherings is going to happen.

Firstly, the much awaited movie adaptation of my favorite novel Fifty Shades of Grey 
will going to hit the cinemas this coming week and I'm freaking excited.
but the saddest part of it is I'm going to watch it alone
 because I don't have a date on Valentines Day. :(((

Secondly, I'm really going to do it. 
To blog
to blog
to blog
to blog
this year 2015.

I know I've been trying for years but yeah I'm going to make it somehow full time.
Hahahah *fingers crossed*

Till next time.

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