Book Review: Paper Towns

9:40 AM

Title: Paper Towns
Author: John Green
Genre: Mystery, Young Adult
Pages: 305

Rate: 3/5

These past 2 days, I've been busy reading this book "Paper Towns" by John Green. 
The novel was about a guy named Quentin "Q" who profoundly in love to his childhood neighbor named Margo Roth Spiegelman who was eventually became a mystery to him. 

I've been really crazy to finish this book because It really thrills me on what will happen on their relationship. But, as I get to finish the book I realized that I was wrong on focusing on their relationship, but instead I should have focused to the main point where the book actually leading you.

What I like about this book is the humor and the young vibe that It has. The adventures, mystery and the feeling of being in love were also in it. The novel's mystery was not quite astonishing as what I've felt on 13 reasons why novel. The only thing that I dislike about this novel is Margo's issues on her family which I can't understand, but overall this book was amazing. 

Through this story, I've learned that you must not assume that you already know the person because people change and you will never be sure of what will you expect from them. It was like Quentin to Margo, he expect that Margo would be happy if he found out where she is, but the truth is she's not happy that Quentin had found him. Margo's character has a lot of issues to herself that even she can't understand. 

I recommend this book to everyone who loves mystery, romance, adventures, humor and some romance. 

Hope you all love my review. 
Till next book review.
Thank you for reading!!

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  1. Loved that book too:) Had me thinking for days.

    1. Hi! Thank you for reading. Yes, me too but the book was amazing. :)

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