10 New Accessory Essentials 2014

11:26 AM

I'm so inspired to post today because of 
what I saw on candymag's website (you can check it here CLICK). 
It's there 10 New Accessory Essentials and I really want to share to you guys 
my own version of this lists.
So let's get started!!

#10 - Hats

#9 - Chain necklace

Chain necklace, TOPSHOP

#8 - Sunglasses

#7 - Snapback caps

Snapback caps, Penshoppe

#6 - Printed Eyeglasses

#5 - Platforms
Black platforms, VANS

#4 - Necklaces

Pearl necklace

#3 - Double earrings

Double pearl earrings

#2 - Crystals / Gem stones

#1 - Chokers

I hope you've liked my lists
So, what's your new accessory essentials?
Share it with me.
Just comment below

Til next time.

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