The Leibster Award

9:46 AM

Yesterday I checked my blog and I saw a post saying that I've been nominated by Katrina Writes for the Leibster Award and I got so excited how am I going to do because this is my 1st time to be nominated. (well my best friend's blog had a lot of awards you can check her BLOG for proofs :))

Before anything else I want to thank Ms. Katrina for nominating me. You've found my blog!! :) 

So, let's get started!!
Post eleven facts about yourselfAnswer the eleven questions provided by the person who nominated youCreate an eleven question set for the next group of nomineesChoose some people to nominate and link themLet your nominees know they've been tagged

1. My whole name was Jessa Victoria M. Magtoto
2. We had a pet named "Mahal" and "Mura"
3. I don't like watching concerts.
4. I have Trypophobia :((. 
5. I don't like eating eggplant and 'okra' (if you're a filipino you'll know what okra is)
6. I've auditioned 4 times on a reality show and I didn't get in! :(
7. I'm a trying hard swimmer.
8. I'm a goddamn awesome badminton player!!
9. My relatives used to call me 'Bulate', Worms, and Payat (do you know how disgusting was that when they're calling me in public)
10. I'm a fan of Twilight Saga and I have their posters posted on my walls. :)
11. I'm a NBSB Forever! <3 lol

1.If you'd be given a chance to write a book, what is the title of it and what would it be romance or sci-fi?
- I love it If it would be both romance and sci-fi and the title of my book would be "The Truth About Us"

2. If you had one social media to use for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
- It would be Youtube because I love listening to music and I used to watch short films.

3.Would you rather be in the Hunger Games or be in Dauntless?
- Oh gosh this is a tough question. If i choose in the Hunger Games I'm already dead by now. Maybe, in Dauntless.

4.One Direction or 5 Seconds Of Summer?
- I love Calum and Luke So, 5 seconds of summer :">

5.Describe your blog with one word and why did you choose that word.
- The one word that describes my blog was EXTRAORDINARY because it is really exceptional for me. In my blog all the things you want to see is there like fashion, movies, music, lifestyle and etc.

6. Would you rather read the book or see the movie?
- another tough question hmm well my first love was seeing a movie because whenever I read a book I always fell asleep but when I was in senior high school I've loved reading books and books gives a lot of emotions than the movie so, I guess I'll choose read a book. :)

7. Youtubers or Viners? 
- I don't know what Viners is So i'll go for youtubers! \mm/

8. If you could be someone for a day who would it be?
- Hmm... If I could be someone for a day I would be Miley Cyrus or any celebrities in town.

9. Do you like going out with your friends or stay at home alone?
- I like both!! :)

10. Who is your celebrity crush?
- current crush: Eric Quizon
hollywood crush: Ryan Gousling
local crush: Dominic Roque
Kpop crush: Kim Soo-hyun
girl crush: Kylie Jenner
(ha ha ha I love people!!)

11. If you could eat one food in a year what would it be
- It would be vegetables.

So, I nominate these blogs and *cross fingers* hope they will respond!!


1. Do you believe in Destiny? If not, why?
2. Do you think you're fat?
3. If you could date anyone who would it be and why?
4. Math or Science?
5. Which is better The Fault in Our Stars or Looking for Alaska?
6. Are you planning to have a tattoo someday? If yes, what will it be??
7. Weird things you do when you're alone?
8. One place that makes you happy and why?
9. Wonderland or Neverland?
10. Books before boys? or Books before watching a movie?
11. 10 years from now. How do you picture yourself?

Thank you for taking a time answering these questions I've prepared for you and more powers to your blogs!!

Thank you guys for reading!!

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  1. Hi Jessa! Thank you so much for nominating me! You are very sweet and I really like your blog! ♥ I followed you via GFC and I hope you'll follow me back! Take care. xx

    1. Your always welcome and Thank you! Btw I've followed you via GFC. Anw, do you do blog swaps? If you do, kindly message me.Thank you! :)