Change is constant!

12:08 PM

Hey guys!
How ya` doin? 
Me? I'm doing good and Summer is officially over and school already start.

Before anything else. 
I knew you had noticed my header.
What can you say?
I've done it for just a day and I really liked it!

Okay so, I would like to share something new to me. 
That was me putting some colors into my skin.
My first trial was my favorite look I really want. 

It was Riri's bad girl look.
But before, I came up with this ^. 
A youtube vlogger helped me A LOT to achieve this look and also with the help of my loving sister (she gives me comments)

Here's the video where I got the idea.
She's Miss Michelle Phan!

She also have other tutorials about make up and I really love her channel because she always share everything she knows about stuffs that a lady should know.

She also have a blog.
Check it here.

So, what can you say about my new discovery?
Comment below!!

Thanks for reading!

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