She's dating the Gangster

1:31 AM

TITLE: She's dating the Gangster
Author: SGWannabe slash Ms. Bianca Bernardino
RATE: 4 out of 5

I can't stop thinking what happened to me for the past 3 days ago..

That was when I'm done reading a wattpad story (which were already sold publicly to all bookstore)

Anyway I'm still can't get over to the ending, It was like a Romeo and Juliet but with a twist and

I thought..

People becomes stupid, crazy, stubborn and all the words you can..

when it comes to the word.... LOVE!

Every person becomes blind to it...

All we know that God sacrifice his life because of his love for us...

But, taking your life just to be with someone you love was a bit insane and it is very wrong to do but, he decided to do it because he wants ..... to be with her? How tragic was that?

The story that I had read a minute ago was the famous and talked about story slash a soon-to-be MEGA hit movie for this year in our country (Philippines). which was a wattpad story written by a girl named Bianca Bernardino.

Well, I was really hesitating on reading this story. I don't know it just I don't really get the idea why the title was like that. But, when this year came and rumors gets viral that it will becoming a movie this year. I decided to read it..

At first I was really not into the story I just want to know what was the ending. Last time I've heard about this story was that the ending of this story was really a tragic one since I'm into tragic endings I've decided to read it. and when i'm done reading this story I can't help but to think what Kenji did. Ugh how come he took suicide. :(

but then this story made an big impact in my whole character. I mean my perspective about love becomes more precise. 

Whenever I read any article about the upcoming movie of this story. I can't help but to have goosebumps. Yes!! I don't why my body keeps on doing that. (ugh -__-)

This story hocked me because I'm a fan of tragic endings. Ms. Bianca's writing was really good. Many of us becomes angry, confused, happy and had that kilig vibes whenever we read this story. The original story line which the author put some background songs that you wanna here. My favorite was the Samson, Sexylove, Someday and Ghetto Superstar. (*_^)

Love makes us stupid but also the same time it makes us happy. I know God had a good plan for all our ending. Live our life to the fullest. ;-) Ciao.

Thank you for reading.xx

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