Cuz I'm updating!

8:16 AM

Hello guys!
I'm upset for the past few months that's why I'm not doing my work here :'( Anyway I got addicted again on tumblr so better follow me

Thank you so much in advance! :-)

The fault in our stars premiere and my birthday is going to happen for one day. is it amazing? *insert kilig face here* and I'm still having a goosebumps whenever I watched the trailers *insert the feels* ha ha ha :D

For the last few months I had read some of the famous wattpad stories and these are:
Secretly Married by forgottenglimmer
Reyna ng Kamalasan by forgottenglimer
For Hire:A Damn Good Kisser by beeyotch
ADGK2:Good girl gone bad by beeyotch
She's dating the Gangster by SGWannabe
Break the Cassanova's Heart by alyloony
Voiceless by haveyouseenthisgirl

these stories makes me go crazy! I swear!!
Those books are already out at the bookstores.
So If you want to read those stories better go to any bookstore and buy that book. Ha ha ha :D

I also spend my nights watching this RomCom K-drama that I really like. The Master's sun, the story was really cute. You better watch it too. :)

For the 2 months of being at home. These are the things I used to do. Reading, watching, tumblr-ing, fantasizing and waiting..

Since summer is near to end.
Share with me what's your summer activities for the past 2 months?

Thank you for reading! :-)

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