Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures

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Beautiful Creatures is a 2013 American romantic fantasy film based upon the novel of the same name by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (google)

Title: Beautiful Creatures
Directed by:  Richard LaGravanese
Based on the novel of Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
Released: February 14, 2013
Running time: 124 minutes

I never thought that I'd be in love in this movie. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE BUY ME THE BOOK SERIES PLEASE!! :( 

 This summer, my sister and I used to searched new and old movies to watch and ta-da! I found one, Beautiful Creatures. Actually I used to see the book at the bookstore but I've never heard that it has a movie adaptation.

Do you know how fascinated I am to this movie? Well, this movie really really got my attention because of its story and EVERYTHING! Yes, you've read it right! I really don't know what to say because I loved it like how I loved the Twilight Saga Series 5 years ago. It all started when I watched the film and now it's my new addiction!! 

What I really LOVE<3 about this film was a 16-year-old damn HOT guy named Ethan Wate and he's the narrator of the story. From all the books slash stories that I've read I could really say that THIS IS THE STORY that I've liked because I've been wanting a GUY to be the protagonist. 

The guy who portrayed Ethan Wate was a goddamn HOT man!!! 

He is Alden Ehrenreich!! (take a look of his photo ^^)

The director, script writers, actors & actresses did it so GREAT. They did it well even though I haven't read the book series yet (I'm crossing fingers that someone would like to give me the book series) It wasn't obvious that some scenes were edited, it was like its just normal.

Actually I do liked the movie because it  has the same romantic feeling with Twilight but not exactly like Twilight because they both have different stories and approach. 

I don't want to spoil or something so I won't make this any longer. 
SO YOU better watch the film! It's worth it!

I recommend this movie to all peeps who's looking for forbidden love, fantasy, and mystery

Lots of love from Ethan & Lena <3

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  1. I really enjoyed this movie as well and read the first book of the series which I recommend! :)

    1. Me too!! but I hadn't read the book :(( Btw, thank you for reading!

      xoxo :)