Paskuhan 2013

4:17 AM

Its been a month since my last post here 
and I'm really sorry for being a lazy blogger. 

Anyway, Last night I attended the UST Paskuhan 2013. 
I was invited by my friends. The night was amazing even though the rain was pouring so hard at 6pm. The field was wet so the ground was "so maputik" and I saw some students put plastics on their shoes. Hahahaha.

I also saw some of my batchmates but unfortunately I wasn't able to have a small chitchat with them because of my very close friends who wasn't that close to them. So, I chose to just say 'Hi' and smile.

I got home around 11:45pm and sad so say I wasn't able to see Joyce Pring to perform. :(( 

I was so happy that I'm with these folks that night.

Photo credits to April Amodia :)
More updates.. sooon. :-)

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