Vector Art!

12:09 AM

I want to share to you guys what 
I've discovered for the past few days. 
I was really fond to make a vector art since
 my friend Ate Jane made me one 
and I was really happy when my professor in Computer teach us how
 to vectorized a picture using MS Powerpoint.  

So my first try was Miley Cyrus's picture and It ended like this..

and my first try for my own picture. It ended like this. 

and After

I had a lot of difficulties because I'm not that pro in this kind of art.
Well, I guess this quote "try and try until you succeed." was effective :-)

Since I'm a very good friend. Lol.
Thank you to my blockmates who trust me to do this.
This is my friend's vector art.. that I made :)

 and mine. 

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  1. Great work! I'm thinking of doing some vector art for my blog too. This post got me inspired! :D

  2. Stumbled upon your cute blog! Wow, amazing vector art xx

    Manila-Hongkie Girl

    1. Hi! Thank you so much!! :) You also have a fantastic blog have a good day Krisha!!