An Unexpected Experience!

9:32 AM

It's been a month since my last post here (sane posts what I mean). Like what I said on my last post, I had a tons of blog post to do and this one that I will be posting today is unexpected.

So last July 6, 2013 I received an e-mail from one of the staff of Four Eyes glasses that I'm  selected to be one of the top 15 lucky winners of Kryz Uy's giveaway and I can't believed that I was picked. So, I checked their face book page, and I was shocked that my name was there!!!

Since I can't wait to get the item, I simply send the ordering form they said that I need to fill up. 
And Last July 13, 2013 I received the eye glasses. :) :D =)) 

The eye glasses were really good. It was very chic and feminine even though it was in the Unisex section. The design of the glasses was like a leopard print and the case was very good.
 Kindly check out four eyes store for more affordable, convenient and stylish eyeglasses. They also have a very good service. I love using the eyeglasses. ;)

and also check Ms. Kryz Uy's blog here
She has a very chic style and it makes me fond of this eye glasses when she wore it.

And since I enjoyed joining giveaways. I joined again a giveaway and I won.
 Ha ha ha and they tagged me in this photo. (well my name and my photo was here)

and Last July 19, 2013 I received the said item. 

what I've won in the giveaway. :)

It was Ms. Jaqui Perez's give away. better check her blog here!
She also has an online shop better check it here

So, that's it. 
It was an unexpected experience for me.
Thank you to the two bloggers.

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  1. cuuuuute ng glasses :) naks gumaganon! LOL ganda nung outfit (: nagsasalamin ka na pala? Or walang grado?

    1. Thank you sissy!! :) Hahaha. Oo pero wala syang grado accrdng sa foureyes shop, pero pang-computer daw yung glasses :) Okay na dn :-bd