Good News!

10:52 AM

I just want to inform you guys that I already shut down my tumblr account and this will be my only active blog account I have and I'm still thinking If I should make another tumblr acc since back to school starts next week. I really loved my schedule for this semester even though I got to a block which some of my mates aren't same course with me which is Marketing management. Well, college isn't easy like high school. :( 

Okay so, it's already 1:13 am and Its official I'm seventeen years old. :D 

TO ME!! TA DAA!!! :D =))
Ha ha ha. I've decided not to post my birth date on facebook to see if my friends really know my birthday but I think it won't work So I didn't hide it and some of my facebook friends is now greeting me a happy birthday on my timeline. ;-) 

Lots of love,

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