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Since, I want to post what I've found last January 2013 that inspires me to do a make up tutorials (someday)
because the truth was I don't know how to put makeup
and Whenever I try, It's always ended up to be funny. 
Well, I'm thankful that I have my older sister who was there to guide about this kind of thing. :-) 

Okay so, let's get started.
So, while I was browsing my facebook news feed and I found this link and I was really amaze how she make this whole Carly Rae Jepsen and Cher Lloyd look.

Carly Rae Jepsen 
Her voice, fashion and her baby blue eyes was just so irresistible. 
I’m hoping one day I could steal her eyes. 
Lol!! Just kidding! ;) Ha ha. 

So, here's the video tutorial how to make 
Carly Rae Jepsen “Call me maybe” look

I like how she make the eyes and the make up also
and take note THE BANGS! =))

2nd is Cher Lloyd
 Aww, damn her beautiful swagger look, voice, eyes, hair and everything! 
She is the real swagger for me. :-) 
Oh well, that’s why when I watched this video. 
I really want the make up!! The eyes were soo cool! :-bd

So, here is how she make the total look of Cher Lloyd.

photo courtesy Macbarbie07 
(that’s her VLOG so, better follow her for more tutorials!)

So, that’s it! 
Hope you’ve learn a lot from Macbarbie07.


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