11:32 AM

Surprise!! Ha ha ha. 
Okay. So, I've decided that I will work on two blogs. Yes! You heard it right
two blogs by one person. Do you know how happy I am. I hope I can do that. :-)  

Anyways, I will rename my 1st blog entitled "Dear Diary,"
where I'll post my daily life experiences, shoutouts and feelings there in my language which is filipino. :)

and this blog will remain "ExtraOrdinary"
where I'll post here my fashion adventures, DIY stuffs that I really love and I will also add
book reviews, top picks, fave video and song of the day/week/month.

I hope you all will be there for me, through thick and thin. lol!! :-)

By the way it's already 2:31 am. Happy Blessed Sunday Guys!!

Don't forget to attend mass later. Be bless. :-)


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