Movie Review: Speak

8:51 AM

Okay. So, since I'm in the mood to write a review about a 
movie that I've watched 10 minutes ago. I'll write it today!!

Title: SPEAK
Directed by: Jessica Sharzer
Based on the novel of Laurie Halse Anderson
Released: January 20, 2004
Running time: 92 minutes

The title of the movie is "Speak" and It was released last 2004. I found this movie in one of the blogs I was looking at awhile ago before I posted my Playlists for the month of May. Since I love Kristen Stewart, I downloaded the movie and since my sister was at hand, I invited her. At first, I didn't feel to watch the movie because I thought It was kinda creepy but I was wrong the whole movie is beautiful, I almost cried out my eyes/heart after my sister and I watched it. I researched some facts about this movie before I watched it and I didn't read the whole plot because it's quite a spoiler (The thrill wouldn't be there anymore) 

At first I didn't understand what's happening with her. I thought what might have happened to her will be shown earlier in the movie but, I guess the problem with her is already done and this movie really makes me sad. I really hate when she didn't tell anyone & I hate it when people don't even asked her what is her problem? and then they call her "squealer". Well. I can't blame Melinda, she is just 13 yrs old at that time. She's scared, childish and just wanna have some fun and It turned out like it's a nightmare. The whole movie is really good even though I don't understand some parts because no one is speaking and It feels like "this is good when you read the book". Well, I'll start reading and cry again. =)) Ha ha! 

You will learn a lot from this movie. Like, you must ask or know the story before you judge someone because judging someone is like putting her head hanging while the others is just looking at her/him. You must also know your limits especially In every word you say because you don't know how it might affect them. 

I recommend this movie to all. Even though there are scenes where young adults should watch it. So, I suggest if you are using a laptop you can skip that part. :-)

Thank you & God bless. ;-)

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