Movie Review: Juno

4:53 AM

So, since I really want to watch Jennifer's body.
 I watched the trailer on youtube and found this 
"Juno" trailer on the right sidebar.
So, let's get started!

Title: Juno
Directed by: Jason Reitman
Released: September 2007
Running time: 96 minutes

The story was about a 16 year old junior student who unexpectedly got pregnant and the story goes on how she decides about her pregnancy. The movie was released last 2007. 
Uhm, well this movie is really cool! Yes! totally! even the main character "Juno" her personality and everything! You will find a lot of cool stuffs here like the tictacs, the chair, the vintage stuffs and the yellow short (better watch it). At first, I thought Juno's dad will burst when she told her dad that she was pregnant but, he's not and I thought that she's a lesbian. Ha ha ha. Seriously! :D

I really appreciated the act that she didn't blamed on anyone and didn't aborted the baby. That's really good thing when you're in that kind of situation but, when she said that she'll abandoned the baby I didn't liked it because, you chose not to abort the baby and you'll abandoned it. Hay! -___-

Well, for me this movie rocks! Promise! Totally cute, childish, mature and oh gosh!
 It's just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I cried when the music starts and Juno was crying with 
Bleek (I think) in the hospital and the baby wasn't with her. 

The whole movie was amazing the story was good plus the actors. They've done it well. 

I recommend this movie to all peeps out there. You'll learn a lot of things here. ;)

So, that's it!!

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