1:30 AM

Hello guys! Yipee! I got 78 page views and followed 8 blogs. :-) I hope they'll check their mails. Ha ha ha. So, anyways I'm still thinking what are the things that I will share to you guys. =)) Hmm, well. In my "Tumblr account" I used to tell my daily life stories in different language which is Filipino and I think some of you guys won't understand that. :-) So, if you are a filipino blogger? Mind to check my tumblr account you will see there >>>> on my right tabs!! :)

First of all, I'm not that good in writing but I will try my best to do this time. I will think of that as a challenge for me. Ha ha ha. I already make 3 accounts and this will be my 4th account? I guess?  Ha ha ha. I start blogging when I was in Grade 6.  

Okay so you might ask me why do I still write/blog here?

Well, some of the bloggers inspires me. Like, Vern Enciso yeah. She's really pretty and nice. I've already met her in person last AVA fashion show in Glorietta. :-) My older sister really adore her. 

I hope, you guys will help me. haha. AJA!!! ;-)

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